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AFT Health and Safety Tips


Accidents and Injuries

Important facts about accidents and injuries in school settings: 

  •  Audio-visual equipment that is not used properly accounts for thousands of injuries in schools.  Unsteady or wobbly A-V carts, along with the placement of equipment on surfaces that are not stable, may cause equipment to fall and injure staff and students.  Using equipment with frayed wiring may cause serious electrical shock or injury.
  • Boxes and materials that are stacked too high can also pose a risk of accident and injury at school.
  • Food service workers are threatened with slips, falls, cuts and burns.
  • Custodial/maintenance staff risk electrical shock and injury when equipment and tools are not used properly or improperly maintained.  Custodial staffs also suffer injuries from slips and falls on wet floors and icy sidewalks.  

What you can do:

Good work practices and common sense are often the best weapons against accidents and injuries.  Here's some advice:
• In the classroom:  Avoid stacking boxes and materials; avoid placing heavy objects on high shelves.  Report any frayed wiring on electrical equipment and avoid using it until it is repaired.  Don't allow children to ride on A-V carts and place all equipment on sturdy surfaces.
• In food service:  Wipe up all grease and spills from floors immediately.  Wear non-skid/rubber-soled shoes.  Don't remove machine-guards from slicing equipment; keep knives sharp; know where fire extinguishers are kept and how to use them; report any frayed or worn out plugs and faulty equipment immediately to supervisors.
• In custodial/maintenance areas:  Prevent others (as well as yourself) from walking on freshly mopped or waxed floors.  Report damaged equipment, frayed wires to your supervisor immediately.  Use equipment as instructed by the manufacturer.  Avoid stacking equipment, boxes and materials.


Check out the information and links below to answer questions, meet some of your needs for online learnng, and keep up with what is happening.

The following links come from TEA via Texas AFT:

  • TEA launched a website to use during the crisis

  • The summaries of the superintendent calls continue to provide a centralized repository of information being provided to your district.

  • The below guidance provides a good update of what is expected of school boards during this time.