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Alliance/AFT is the largest teachers union serving Dallas ISD. We are a progressive organization that believes every member deserves to have respect for who they are and what they do, a fair wage, good working conditions, and quality benefits. Alliance/AFT is the only organization in Dallas ISD that does not represent administrators. Join us here.

P. O. Box 5266
334 Centre St.
Dallas, Texas  75208

Office Phone:  (214) 942-4663
Office Fax: (214) 942-2226
Grievance and Legal Department Fax: (214) 942-2456


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To become a member of Alliance/AFT, you must be an employee in Dallas ISD.

Our membership includes teachers, professional support employees (Diagnosticians, Psychologists, Social Workers, etc.), and support staff (custodians, cafeteria workers, office managers, clerks, CRCs, maintenance workers, bus drivers, etc).

As a member of the local union in Dallas, you automatically are also a member of the Texas AFT and the American Federation of Teachers (our state and national affiliates, respectively). We are also affiliated with the AFL-CIO and stand with working families and labor.

If you would like more information about joining the only organization ever elected to represent the employees' voice to the administration, please call (214) 942-4663.

Click on the following link to join Alliance/AFT:

If you are an educator in any other school district around the Dallas area, you can become a member of our state organization, Texas AFT and the Associate Member Program (AMP). Please contact Ms. Diana Falcon ( or call her at (214) 321-8100 for information regarding membership in another school district. You can also call the state office at (512) 448-0130.

Retiree Chair Tony Chenevert

I’m Tony Chenevert, Retiree Committee Chair and 1st Vice-President of the Alliance/AFT. I'm honored  to be in a position to serve you.  I will do my best to keep you updated on what is happening in the district as it relates to our remarkable Retirees.  Click on the above link, "A-4 Retirees", and learn how to become a member.

Thank you so much for your support.


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